Stanley Jordan – Amazing Guitar Tapping (jazz) on letterman – Stanley Jordan (July 31, 1959— ) is an American jazz fusion guitarist, best known for his development of the touch technique for playing guitar. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. He received an AB in music from Princeton University in 1981. Normally, a guitarist must use two hands to play each note. One hand presses down a guitar string behind a chosen fret to prepare the note, and the other hand either plucks or strums the string to play that note. Jordan’s touch technique is an advanced form of two-handed tapping. The guitarist produces a note using only one fiddle with by quickly tapping (or “hammering”) his fiddle with down behind the appropriate fret. The force of impact causes the string to vibrate enough to immediately sound the note, and Jordan executes tapping with both hands, and with more legato than is normally associated with guitar tapping. The note’s volume can be controlled by varying the force of impact: tapping with greater force produces a louder note.A helpful analogy to visualize this technique is the distinction linking a harpsichord and a piano. A harpsichord produces sound by plucking its strings, and a piano produces sound by striking its strings with tiny hammers. But, while clarification produced on a harpsichord or piano sustain after the hammer has struck or the pick has plucked, fingers must remain on a tapped note in order for the sound to continue. This similarity is what led Jordan to attempt such a technique in the first place
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  1. nathansantos08 says:

    Does any one notice Chris Brown Playin’ the guitar in this video?!?! lmao

  2. MsMarc1234 says:

    So the black guy with the afro is playing guitar and the white dude with blonde hair and terrible suit is playing bass. Is this show on opposite day?

  3. mexicanstorm says:

    sooooooo excellent

  4. thepliosar1 says:

    Someone should edit in the title of the song. It’s “Street Talk”, but this translation is quite a bit different than the album translation.

  5. ZOMBIELANDakaUSA says:

    the song is called ‘I’m the worst man bustling’, lol

  6. SAVANTTTT says:

    wikileaks man on bass

  7. BardicCircle says:


  8. xxNailFirexx says:

    what is this song called

  9. jamesedwardtheobald says:

    @pmacgaul stout-ass pocket he’s making there. i was just looking at the credits for ‘magic touch’ and noticed that al dimeola is credited as the producer, and also plays cymbals on a track, fascinating!

  10. pmacgaul says:

    @jamesedwardtheobald You’re right, that is (a childish) Will Lee, an incredible bass player.

  11. jamesedwardtheobald says:

    is that will lee tearing it up on the bass?

  12. TheDanielortix14 says:

    what is the name of the song?


  13. Judge1982 says:

    truly incredible, Thanks Mr.Jordan

  14. nusret8 says:

    he rieminds me to one of the guys of daft punk´s- one more time. i thin it was the singer^^

    but he is just incredible, my whole day was terrible and now im just smiling produce of hearing this excellent tune.

  15. pr3lude2tragedy says:

    tabs please…j/k

  16. dodecapusrex says:

    Best damned tap/touch guitarist on the planet, a right virtuouso. If only he and Bob Culbertson (the other virtuouso, on Chapman Stick) could get together and have children.

  17. migspanelo says:

    And i thought i know how to tap! I wish upon a star i could play as he can!

  18. tchoeool says:

    kind of embarassing for the rest of the band

  19. sacopenapa says:

    I saw him play on a free concert in Rio in the 80′s. This guy is incredible!!!

  20. yourmomscalling says:

    he is unreal man !!

  21. WhatTheFork says:

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  22. WouldBecomeRocker says:

    No link with Dragonforce, it’s two different styles -_-

  23. bensooty1 says:

    what a gift to have….!!!

  24. OmgSoBr00tal says:

    such finesse. cat’s got so much talent

  25. the3bigreddevils says:

    @Tr1nityrecords Hahah thanks for letting me know. shit was hilarious. Play dat’ funky music whiteeee’ booooy’

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