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  1. projectgoatse says:

    @AmpedOrange And that is why you fail.

  2. AmpedOrange says:

    Fucking hell Vai, yet again, stop coming out with the philosophical crap. Just tell us how you play it and the tale of how you did it, not your silly view were were jazzing off to at the time.

  3. pornsit2519 says:

    @TheSLK66 So , Yngwie Malmsteen = SATAN …..

  4. TheGlenn9 says:

    such a cool riff like it !!

  5. visualkeirockstar says:

    dam i guess i need to place more time into my practicing

  6. TrumpetCallofGodLT says:

    Hear what God of Israel YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH (Son and Father are ONE) saying to our generation by His chosen prophets: Trumpetcallofgodonline. com ; Letter called “Purify Your Faith, and Come to the Father as It is Written”: EXCERPT: “Only in the Bible and through these very Letters, of which I have given to My prophet of the end of this age, shall you find Him and know Him.”






  7. BarryMcCockiner1000 says:

    at 1:42 it sounds like the clarification from Close encounters of the third kind when we make contact with the aliens. lol. Steve’s an alien hahaha.

  8. xTheWorldNeedsAHerox says:

    @aigmeyer Makes me feel better about wanting to practice. Steve Vai, as excellent as he is, still relies on dedication and HARD WORK to make music and play guitar. Makes me feel better about practicing. XD

  9. Naganiet200 says:

    isnt he awesome ?

  10. mkaali says:

    1:00 ok so this is the part when I’m supposed to place my guitar back to the case

  11. camshreds says:

    @InsanityType66 cafo is on a 7 string brah! but yes that shit is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those intro sweeps always blow me off my feet!

  12. InsanityType66 says:

    @camshreds I LOVE THAT SONG! A: I don’t know how to play it (or find out how)
    B: I don’t have 8 strings :/

  13. camshreds says:

    @InsanityType66 CAFO by: animals as leaders you will slap ya momma that shit is so crazy.

  14. camshreds says:

    @AciDXRaiN27 they are used in drums, but the band animals as leaders uses them A LOT! they use odd time signatures on guitar and layer that over a 4/4 drum beat and that is what i meant buy the polyrythm. What steve is doing is different.

  15. AciDXRaiN27 says:

    @camshreds he does. he doubtless just assumes everyone else doesnt, so he didnt want to whip out the huge vocabulary lol but maybe not. polyrythms are more used in the drum planet and not so much in the guitar planet.

  16. InsanityType66 says:

    Just learnt it. COOLEST. TAPPING. EVER :) (my opinion, if anyone has suggestions of songs with outstanding tapping, please message me!)

  17. camshreds says:

    that is called a polyrythm steve. I thought you knew everything about music!

  18. RoderickCissan says:

    thanx for showing us you’re still human ;)  hahaaha that’s a killer song!!
    it gave me hope ;)

  19. The1chihira says:


  20. MrClkamg says:

    Too much talk

  21. js100serch says:

    @Bifrons and we took our guitar and started practicing this =P

  22. foxns7 says:

    Akira Takasaki of Loudness did the same technique too on the ‘Soldier of Fortune’ and ‘In The Mirror’ solos…he’s one of the best tappers out there till today..anyone agree?

  23. btyremanable says:

    an awesome riff, it reminds me of free jazz and buckethead

  24. masterdebradwick says:

    @Bifrons LMFAO!!!!

  25. tjompiskompis says:

    1:10 reminds me alot of how I sit right now haha

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