Playing Licks Between Chord Changes


www.creativeguitarstudio.comAndrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a listeners question… Q: Hey Andrew, I want to add some lead licks or runs linking my chord changes to give it more life than just strumming away on chords. I know my scales and triad and 7th arpeggios very well. How can I add more lead to [...]

Semi Charmed Life ‬★ ‪Third Eye Blind ‬Guitar Lesson – How To Play Easy 3 Chord Songs


Click for lesson tab www.nailguitar.comBecome a Nail Guitar VIP while your there for secret tips and tricks lessons, updates of new youtube lessons and special offers on Nail Guitar’s guitar training goodies! Free MP3 drums like I use at: Check out my various channels for more lessons Guitar Skills – Lead Guitar Soloing [...]

Learn How To Play Guitar EZ Chord Patented DVD Numbered Button Device Kit


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Chord Buddy Guitar Practice Aid with 12 Pack of Fender 351 Shape Guitar Picks Medium – Bundle Reviews


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E Shape Barre Chord Grip, Major and Minor (Guitar Lesson IM-111) How to play IF Stage 1


In this guitar lesson we are going to be looking at E Shape Major and Minor barre chords. Yep. A 20 minute lesson just on these two chords! There is going to be a lot of talking (I like to call it explaining) and I’m tiresome to answer every question I have been questioned about [...]

The D Chord (Guitar Lesson BC-111) Guitar for beginners Stage 1


This isStage 1, Lesson 1 of Justin’s Beginner Guitar Course. In this lesson we are going to be checking out the D chord, possibly your very first chord. The Justinguitar Beginners Guitar Course, a series of over 100 lessons on guitar for beginners. Text support is on the web site and also in a proper [...]

Diminished as a 7b9 Chord (Jazz Guitar Lesson JA-029) How to play


In this guitar lesson we look at the jazz scheme concept of using a diminished chord as a 7b9 chord. You should doubtless check out the jazz lesson series on the web site if you are getting wedged with the concepts here – and there are clarification about this lesson there too – and I [...]

I VI II V Chord Variation Exercise (Jazz Guitar Lesson JA-031) How to play


In this guitar lesson I’ll show you a very cool small exercise to get you effective on your I VI II V progressions – using chordal extensions, substitutions and furthering your knowledge of chord melody. More info on the web site, be sure to check it out Taught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the [...]

Beginners Guitar Lesson #1 – The basics and the C major chord


The first in my series of beginners guitar lessons. This lesson teaches you the string names and what they sound like, fiddle with numbers and how to read chord charts/diagrams, as well as how to play the C major chord. I hope it’s simple enough, but if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate [...]

The Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart Reviews


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