How To Play Clocks By Coldplay On Piano


SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Have you ever wanted to learn how to play Clocks by Coldplay on piano? Coldplay’s use of the piano in their songs is well-known as Chris Martin, their lead singer, likes to play. This video will guide you through three steps to help you learn how to [...]

“Clocks”: Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners

2011/11/8f67b_learn_to_play_guitar_video_default In this guitar lesson you will learn how play this Cold Play mega Hit. I’ll show you the simple way and how to play the exact piano riff on the acoustic guitar. If you are struggling with your chords download our Beginner Chords Guide and subscribe to our Free 4 Weeks Quick Start [...]

How To Play Clocks By Coldplay On Guitar


60k Learn Guitar downloads! Clocks by Coldplay is a fantastic beginnerĀ“s guitar song, and this video will serve as your guide to learn how to play it. As your instructor Jen clarifies, culture this song will be a fantastic way to impress at parties as well as delight in music…. 60k Learn Guitar [...]