Happy Sad Song – Last Kiss by Pearl Jam – Happy Sad Song (Wholesome Lane)


“Last Kiss” By Peal Jam Performed By Nick V. – Pleased Sad Song. Back away from that ledge, friendo! Here’s more Pleased Sad Song! Subscribe! www.wholesomelane.com Subscribe www.youtube.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Wholesome Lane is a sketch comedy channel. Our shows include: “Pleased Sad Song” – covers of the saddest songs, “Write Three Words” – [...]

(Yiruma) Kiss The Rain – Sungha Jung


Sungha www.sunghajung.com prearranged and played ‘Kiss the Rain’ by Yiruma. Yiruma is the stage name of I Ru-ma (born February 15, 1978), a well loved pianist and composer from South Korea. The name “Yiruma” translates into accomplishment in Korean. Yiruma’s piano music is expressive and introspective. Although he is only 32 years very ancient, Yiruma is [...]