Playing Licks Between Chord Changes


www.creativeguitarstudio.comAndrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a listeners question… Q: Hey Andrew, I want to add some lead licks or runs linking my chord changes to give it more life than just strumming away on chords. I know my scales and triad and 7th arpeggios very well. How can I add more lead to [...]

AC/DC – Angus Young: Style Licks (Guitar Lesson RO-101)


In this video I take you through 6 awesome Angus Childish AC/DC style licks, close up and slow for you to check out. There is a pdf tab on the web site page which will doubtless make things simpler. Everybody’s asking about the sound. I have a 1973 Marshall JMP50 head into a vintage late [...]

Nuno Bettencourt Style – Quick Licks – Guitar Solo Performance by Andy James

2012/02/b9411_learn_to_play_guitar_fast_default – Check Out This Nuno Bettencourt Solo style guitar lesson DVD here. Nuno Bettencourt Guitar solo routine is an extract from the DVD ‘Quick Licks – Nuno Bettencourt’, which teaches you quick rock guitar licks in the style of Nuno Bettencourt, Extreme’s eclectic rock and metal guitarist! Also includes a guitar jam track. For [...]

Joe Satriani Style Guitar Lessons – Quick Licks DVD With Danny Gill Licklibrary

2012/02/bc7dd_learn_to_play_guitar_solos_default Danny Gill shows you how to play guitar in the style of Joe Satriani, by showing you 30 quick licks. By the side of with those guitar licks you will learn the techniques used to perform those licks. Joe Satriani Quick Licks is available by following the link

Santana – Oye Como Va – Guitar Lesson – How to Play – Santana style licks solo


more free blues stuff

Dimebag Darrell Style – Quick Licks – Guitar Solo Performance by Andy James

2012/01/04d9b_learn_to_play_guitar_solos_default More Info and Buy this DVD! Dimebag Darrell Style guitar solo routine is from the DVD Quick Licks – Dimebag Darrell, available to buy from . Andy James teaches you killer guitar licks in the style of Dimebag Darrell, Also includes a guitar jam track. To Find the Backing track head to http [...]

Guitar Lessons – Lead Guitar Solo Lessons – Jazzy licks for Rock and Blues


Free Tuner and more here Guitar Lessons – Lead Guitar Solo Lessons – Jazzy licks for Rock and Blues marty schwartz Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lead guitar lesson learn how to solo blues rock licks scales on Gibson Les Paul Standard

2012/01/99cac_learn_to_play_guitar_chords_default click for a Brand New Video Lesson & Ebook for Free from Next Level For more cool lessons and classes visit …In this tutorial learn how to play Hallelujah on guitar. Leonard Cohen as covered by Jeff Buckley

Shred metal guitar lesson on fast legato playing with licks scales modes and tablature

2012/01/4526d_learn_to_play_guitar_solos_default click NOW for a FREE Video guitar lesson that is not on YouTube & a FREE Ebook from Next Level Video Rating: 4 / 5

Paul Gilbert Style – Quick Licks – Guitar Lessons With Andy James

2011/12/7faa7_learn_to_play_guitar_fast_default – Check Out This Paul Gilbert Guitar Lesson DVD. Paul Gilbert Quick Licks Overview, presented by Andy James. This Paul Gilbert Style guitar lesson DVD, is available through our site Andy James teaches guitar solo lessons on licks in the style of Paul Gilbert. For more info on this Paul Gilbert Quick Licks [...]