Lead Guitar Lessons – Scales – Major Pentatonic Scale Guitar Lesson – How to Solo


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E Shape Barre Chord Grip, Major and Minor (Guitar Lesson IM-111) How to play IF Stage 1


In this guitar lesson we are going to be looking at E Shape Major and Minor barre chords. Yep. A 20 minute lesson just on these two chords! There is going to be a lot of talking (I like to call it explaining) and I’m tiresome to answer every question I have been questioned about [...]

Beginners Guitar Lesson #1 – The basics and the C major chord


The first in my series of beginners guitar lessons. This lesson teaches you the string names and what they sound like, fiddle with numbers and how to read chord charts/diagrams, as well as how to play the C major chord. I hope it’s simple enough, but if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate [...]

Learn major scale link2 and link scales together across guitar neck lesson rock blues jazz metal


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Guitar Scales Lesson – The 5 Positions of the Major Pentatonic Scale


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Guitar Scales 1 – Pentatonic Major & Minor


A lesson on the pentatonic scale and the difference linking the major and minor translation. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn to Play the Guitar: Major Chords


Do you want to learn how to play the guitar like a pro? Then this is the video for you. No matter what your playing level, you can learn by the side of with Adam. Come and join in on what thousands of people have already thought of doing. Adam is in no way a [...]

Play ii-VI Chord Progressions Easily Through All Major Keys Guitar Lesson – Jazz – Rock


www.GuitarLessons365.com Please Rate, Comment, Pet and Subscribe to help this lesson get more views. This free video guitar lesson is part of the free “Jazz Guitar University” series at http . Surrounded by this lesson you will learn how to play the ii-VI chord progression through all major keys. This is THE essential chord progression [...]

09 G Major and D Major Guitar Chords


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How to Play Guitar: Beginners / Open Chords: G Major


Learn how to play a G major open chord in this video from Howcast’s How to Play Guitar: Beginners series. Video Rating: 5 / 5 www.ProvideGoodGuide.com — How to Learn Play a Guitar Do you want to learn play a guitar and do not know where to start? The main requirement is that you must [...]