“Tennessee Stud” played by Doc Watson and Jack Lawrence

Doc Watson and Jack Lawrence perform “Tennessee Stud.” From the DVD “Legends of Flatpicking Guitar.” More info at www.guitarvideos.com

( www.youtube.com ) Long translation of Texas Flood by stevie ray vaughn ! Texas Flood is an electric blues album by blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and his band Double Distress, released in 1983. Although “Texas Flood” has three verses of lyrics, the song is more of a prolonged guitar solo, allowing Vaughan to show off his characteristic electric blues style. All through live shows, he would often play parts of this song behind his back, arousing an enthusiastic crowd response. Stylistically, “Texas Flood” is structured around the common three chord blues progression. Written and performed in the key of G (sounding F# because of Vaughan’s tuning), it is in 12/8 time, or compound time[1], which gives it a “slow burning” feel that is common in Texas blues. en.wikipedia.org
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  1. brewermusik says:

    Terrible ass dude right here. I’ve been pickin for a long time, and I had hit a plateau til I caught ol’ Doc Watson on a pbs special-Thanks for lightin’ that fire back up for me Doc!!!!!! RIP

  2. workingstiff19 says:

    I got screwed! I by no means heard of Doc Watson until this week when I was clicking through a memorium of people who departed so far in 2012! What a wonderful architect! I would have gone to see him!

  3. gramoukdoom says:

    And they rule.

  4. gunsandtech12 says:

    For anyone who wants to know, that guitar is a Gallagher.

  5. postcardsfromheaven says:

    11 towel heads! be proud your in america i know i am.

  6. 1PhilHarmonic says:

    Fantastic pickin’ and a grinnin’ .., Like this dang song!!!

  7. ArtistWorksInc says:

    Thank You Doc… Gone But Not Forgotten

  8. Tex5x5 says:

    Rest in peace Doc. You can see now and looking and pickin in the glorious place you have gone.

  9. soni1130 says:

    “He had the nerve and he had the blood/ There by no means was a horse like the Tennessee stud” <3

  10. soni1130 says:

    we like you so very much Doc. “tennessee stud” I just sing this when I feel down lol RIP <3

  11. tntmcdunn says:

    doc watson was my thrid cousin, my grandpas cousin. R.I.P

  12. tejasbullet says:

    You are about a stupid bastard. Why does it not surprise me that you’re a f**king cop?

  13. choottem says:

    what do you think>? forgiveness not granted.

  14. starnav57 says:

    Same ones who hoped and altered

  15. SethKessel says:

    aww I wish I met Doc before his passing. He was a fantastic influence and I hear a fantastic guy as well.

  16. EstelaHayes says:

    this man is going to let the next life hear some excellent ol’ music aaahh hhhuuu~

  17. buckbuck666 says:

    go doc

  18. ZZBob777 says:

    What a fantastic singer and musician and a wonderful man. He lived life to the full.

  19. captbobcat says:

    Doc, you were a National Treasure, placed here to make excellent music and people pleased. A musical genius who now resides with the All Mighty, Making music still, this excellent ole’ American music is what people the planet over admire, by no means truly duplicated by anyone of another nationality. RIP Doc and thank you for the ride.

  20. mhm33lp says:

    Doc Watson is one of the greatest geniuses in the history of music. Doc Watson is one of the most gorgeous human beings to ever walk the planet earth. A right American treasure on the same level as Bob Dylan, James Brown, Johnny Cash, Mahalia Jackson, etc. How much you will be missed is incalcuable. R.I.P. you are such a gorgeous man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. policeman99100 says:

    please forgive me , but is this song about a horse with a huge huge dick ?

  22. nannynooners1 says:

    Thanks for sharing your gift with the planet Doc. What a blessing you have been !!
    Will see you one day in that place up yonder :-)

  23. wschmidgall says:

    Returned to Merlefest every year since 2003, from Kansas, primarily because of Doc. So glad I got to see what must have been his final routine, Sunday April 29.  First introduced to Doc and Tennessee Stud in 1970 (I reckon) with the first NGDB ‘Circle’ album and have been a huge fan since. A fantastic musician, a fantastic man, we will miss you Doc Watson.

  24. bieberberg says:

    Learned Doc Watson when I was about 12, and have by no means looked back! Thank you, Doc!

  25. PULLEY08 says:

    God given

  26. jse0116 says:

    you cant learn what this man had. it comes from surrounded by.

  27. ribecean says:

    Some people will dislike anything

  28. matt parra says:

    stevie quote “I play like I’m breaking out of jail”. so right haha

  29. seamusnot142 says:

    123 223 323 4 2 3
    123 456 789 10 11 12

    12/8 is a compound translation of 4/4 (reckon of it as 4/4 but each beat is a triplet) strong beats are 1 and 7 (kick drum) emphasis is on 4 and 10 (snare)
    hope this helped/made sense

  30. theicedman says:

    how would one count the 12/8 time? I’ve been counting in 4/4 and it seems to make sense, as in I’m able to predict the chord changes.

  31. barfzone barfy says:

    The man…. check out him with Albert King… Magical….

  32. guitarmanneira says:

    a jonas brothers’ cd? lol

  33. guitarmanneira says:

    you are not playing blues until you sweat

  34. SammyNeverEver says:

    He’s… sweating

  35. GoodLify says:

    i want that fucking guitar im tired of my a waste of time effectless classic guitar it sounds like shit!!! arrghh jealousy

  36. natefegan says:

    Fantastic tune… Thanks for Posting!!!

  37. Tdoggy64 says:

    He was truly a Legend! R.I.P. Bro!

  38. PegsterMcDudeson says:

    with out*

  39. PegsterMcDudeson says:

    Also they don’t realize that with these older better songs there wouldnt be what they take note to.

  40. PegsterMcDudeson says:

    It’s because they have no taste in excellent music.

  41. thaiman1111 says:

    get off here man and dont let the door hit your ass on the way out

  42. crazyasssurferdude says:

    I reckon I am an incredible guitar player but I am not a musician.

  43. stanselraven says:

    i thought i was a decent guitar player than i saw this….

  44. stanselraven says:

    hes better than you could ever be

  45. lowellwilson0412 says:

    Kill yourself idiot!

  46. bigrayray101 says:

    because it is completely stupid. i wanna kill something now!!

  47. bigrayray101 says:

    its stupid

  48. jgambe78 says:

    Huge ray your obviously a moron and wouldn’t recognize right musical genius when you hear it …so go take note to bieber or 98degrees , don’t know what’s more pathetic the fact that you reckon SRV sucks or because you felt the need to post 3 times

  49. bigrayray101 says:


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