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This video clip is The Return Of The Angriest Guitar Player In The Planet!!! Warning Viewer Discretion is advised, swearing and self inflicted violence in this clip…delight in :) He goes by the name of The Treeman and hails from Liverpool and linking the months of March and July 2011 I have been filming him tiresome to play the intro to his song ‘Ghost of Like‘ which has frustrated him to the point were he has broke 3 guitars, very nearly chewed his hand off and smashed his house to smithereens… All through that time to now he has been effective on a new song called ‘The Magic Man’ which has frustrated him 10 times more than ‘Ghost Of Like’ ever did. Here are the out takes from them sessions. The Treeman hasn’t managed to complete the song ‘The Magic Man’ yet but is getting there. This song will likely be on his debut 7″ which should be out before the fall. The Treeman has a Facebook page were you can keep up to date with him: Also you can keep up to date with him on Twitter: You can hold the Treeman’s Debut CD and other merchandise here: You can take note to his songs here: DOCUMENTARY IN THE WORKS, WATCH THIS SPACE…. Permission of footage granted by the treeman.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. eFMACS says:

    4:22 When I was an acorn!

  2. maplespak says:

    Marty: I wish they had the internet like this when I was in a band in the 80′s. We’d sit around and try and map out songs, many times incorrect. Now you go on youtube and play a video like yours, and BAM! You’ve got it! Also, videos like yours serve to reinforce that you were doing it right in the first place.

  3. maplespak says:

    That step-down part just doesn’t sound right to me, but I see that exact thing the planet over. I’m beginning to reckon it’s me (lol). But besides that, fantastic job as usual and I really appreciate what you do here on the internet. Many thanks, Marty. You’re certainly one of the best on the internet. Your lessons are really simple to know and you’re a very listenable guy.

  4. MatiasSkateHH says:

    excellent lesson!!! marty you are the besttttttt

  5. justjijane says:


    I Thank you for explaining how to play this song.It helped me a lot and it’s fantastic how you show us how you do it.
    I don’t now how I can question you for other songs so I hoop you read this because I want to know how I can play Sunny Road from Emiliana Torrini,the fingersettings and the picking with the right hand.
    I hope you want to do that,, It would make me very pleased.

    Thank you again for your fantastic songs here on You Tube!!!!!!

  6. AmigoFiell says:

    3:46 marty’s voice sounded werid lol

  7. aks13full says:

    13 ppl need some help !

  8. theo9952 says:

    It’s an simple song but i needed to see that small GH riff being played. Too bone idle to sort it out myself ! Thanks !

  9. smileyssmile says:

    13 ppl found this to hard. lol

  10. skaterpete22 says:

    i want to learn how to play guiter but i have no clue about any of the frets or anything

  11. BigGuknowme says:

    I needed…help…with this song….

    come on give that one to me…

  12. shelbydee60656 says:

    @jackson5thebest down up down up down up down up

  13. DirtyDeeD1000 says:


  14. MrNIKdevil says:

    I like you!

  15. jackasschileno says:

    Like better when he sings it :D !!!!!

  16. Augusto2197 says:

    lol 1:50

  17. imdaft4brett says:

    i like playing this marty!

  18. ShredLady says:

    Thank you sooo much)))))) 

  19. darot16aragon says:

    You r the best!!!
    la verga!
    El mejor!

  20. jackson5thebest says:

    Hi you’re fantastic! I like your tutorials, but I have a question on this one: is it always down down down? or down, up etc. with the plectrum? I’m sorry but I know really few things about the guitar xD

  21. Loky1940 says:

    whats the brand of the acoustic

  22. Loky1940 says:

    Do you live in australia i want you to be my guitar teacher

  23. petrutz96 says:

    justin bieber fans got lost again..

  24. Nafopwnstar says:

    @ZoLaPro yep that sounds about right, anyone, feel free to right me haha

  25. Backinblack10001 says:

    John, can I have my guitar back please?

  26. Backinblack10001 says:

    Reckon the Samaritans were engaged all day.

  27. ihatemagicians says:

    Imagine what agony do when he realises he can’t sing either…

  28. CSxB25 says:


  29. xSamixBoox says:

    i get like that when i keep fucking my monolouge up for my audition WHICH IS TOMMOROW and it realy sucks! #justsayin

  30. JustCauseVids says:

    every guitar player in the planet knows this feeling

  31. jonathanfater says:

    He’s mad he can’t play like this.

  32. PLJanet says:

    I hope that poor guitar gets revenge on him when he’s asleep

  33. TheNobby79 says:

    what a fecking tool, arse, argggghhhhhh cant get the words right, arse feck bollocks . oh yeh you can do it. oh feck argggggh nah nah nah, see i can do this twat meh meh meh,

  34. Caroline6781 says:

    jajajajajajaja!!!!! me estoy riendo muchisimo!!!. que loco pero genial!

  35. xnominalx says:


  36. DiscoStorm says:

    all his guitars are covered in tape after being smashed and place back together XD

  37. TheCdoggydogg says:

    my preciousss

  38. chromaticking says:

    thats it thats fooking it i had it like a magic fucking twatting man hilarious

  39. Beatwolf says:

    fuck me this is amusing!

  40. imabadking says:

    He should take up the drums instead. At smallest amount you can bang on them when you get pissed off.

  41. DiscoStorm says:

    like the way he sings by the side of in falsetto until he fucks up, then theres a slight decrease in register, then he just starts screaming again, brilliant.

  42. batman8970able says:

    is it jim from the royle family lol

  43. flipeo32 says:


    deffo — agree with ye!!!

  44. batman8970able says:

    try the piano lol

  45. Hardlinerjapan says:

    Christ Santa, switch to keys or something.

  46. 012queen210 says:

    Thats gotta b the most expensive guitar practice ever!

  47. Jermthefirm says:

    “Did you just break your guitar?” “I don’t give a shit!” My pet part.

  48. TheMzFitz says:

    Jeez, walk away! I bet there’s a kid somewhere would have loved the “guilty” guitar.  Nob head.

  49. CrazyEddi3 says:

    Please add “death – spiritual healing t shirt to tags”

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