The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Sons of Skyrim – Metal Cover

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook Page Follow on Twitter Me playing guitar to a metal cover of “Sons of Skyrim” from “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. I was inspired to make this after seeing the trailer for the game which looked badass. Check it out → Free song download: Guitar tab: Guitar pro tab: Backing Track: Mod song into Skyrim: • Prearranged, performed and produced by Sbeast • Song Remix Name: Dragonborn • Original song: Sons of Skyrim • Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim • Original Composer: Jeremy Soule Tags: the elder scrolls V skyrim sons of skyrim 5 v jeremy soule nerevar rising tes soundtrack music metal rock remix cover main theme dovahkiin fus ro dah roh bethesda sbeast sbeast64 guitar ibanez rg320 rg 320

기타중주 «유치원 우리 선생님» 청진시 청암유치원 Ансамбль гитар «Наша воспитательница» Детский сад района Чхонам (청암) города Чхонджин (청진시) В центре – Чха Сун Чон (차순정) Guitar Ensemble “Our Kindergarten Teacher” Kindergarten of Ch’ŏngam-guyŏk, Ch’ŏngjin-si, DPR Korea Источник: / From: 27.11.2010 Песня: / Song: Main theme in the first half (E Minor / e-moll / ми минор): Small melody in the middle: Main theme in the end (A Minor / a-moll / ля минор):
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  1. GodOfChaos7 says:

    Ibanez ftw, Your epic song ftw, Skyrim ftw :)

  2. Sorarox59 says:

    xD “FUCK SOPA3 :D :’D

  3. Theepicgamer94 says:

    @bix2411 GEMA?
    oh and we already won they dropped Sopa and Pipa

  4. meeddivad says:

    @AnonymousPaladin you can make mods without the kit..

  5. SacredSkittlez97 says:

    @bix2411 wait, theres GEMA now too?! blaaaarrrrrggghh!

  6. AnonymousPaladin says:

    Once the construction set comes out, I’m going to be making a mod replacing the original Sons of Skyrim theme in the intro with this.

  7. PainlesSnake says:

    I won’t weep :’)

  8. zachshock says:

    :40 best part i hope this is a link to part


    @yankeeschampsx27 i have friends…aela, and ulfric, and delphine and um…i killed the other ones but i still have friends dont worry!

  10. DragoonRaidfilms says:

    u have huge nose.

  11. hershe95 says:


  12. ItsDart says:

    I cant stop listening

  13. zawol17 says:

    @xDing4D ht tp : / / mashable . com / 2012 /01 / 20 / sopa -is -dead- smith- pulls- bill/
    (Delete the spaces)

  14. KnuckleHeadCD74 says:

    I watched it in 3d…

  15. Gjalfaran says:

    With such a badass song, you’d reckon he’d be headbangin instead of standing there awkwardly!

  16. juniorkolle says:

    fus ro sopah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Djevelhund says:

    FUS ROH DAH!!  Epicness, Dovahkiin FTW!

  18. unknownxman1 says:

    Ibanez :D

  19. xDing4D says:


  20. QuattroRMT says:

    Dovahkiin Dovahkiin Naal ok zin los vahriin
    Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
    Ahrk fin norok paal graan Fod nust hon zindro zaan
    Dovahkiin Fah hin kogaan mu draal

  21. 24videowatcher says:

    Fuck anciant nordic Thu’ums Docakiin killed aldoin with this fucking music


    my ears got a bonner >o<

  23. SuperBiomilch says:

    What’s with the Bass? xDD

  24. Ivo68 says:

    Very nice sbeast. Have the same Ibanez as well :)

  25. zawol17 says:

    I played this while i fought Alduin. It lined up perfectly with all of my hits and whenever the song picked up, I used a shout. But the best part was when Alduin died right as the song finished. No joke.

  26. Gustavogb19 says:


  27. TheArchy1985 says:


  28. SalieriGirl says:

    @MrManuelstrokes Yes, give their children free choice?

  29. SalieriGirl says:

    Well… yes, this is awesome, but… they are so automatic, that I can´t see playing them songs with their hearts. I feel nothing.

  30. paultasker6 says:

    Really awesome. Here’s why The East policy the planet.

  31. CoolBelle86 says:

    that gud..still childish

  32. TideofthePacific says:

    they are all clones!

  33. glikoz says:

    What is the name of music?

  34. MsMarinaSH says:

    Какие вам еще китайцы???!!! Вы там у себя в Рашке совсем отупели!
    Своего нихрена не осталось после евреев, так завидно?
    Брависсимо, Северная Корея! Правнуки великого Ким Ир Сена просто гениальны!

  35. thehouseofblack100 says:

    @Baramburum123456 Gotta laugh at your post. You’re living proof that the Western methods of teaching don’t work!

  36. jsnovais1000 says:


  37. jsnovais1000 says:

    I bet US Americans would beat their children for them to practice and beat these children in any contest!…

  38. allaraz42 says:

    Великолепно и трогательно! Молодцы, малыши!

  39. codycalhoun13 says:

    Your video is a pet on Port Louis

  40. patanderson1948 says:

    I’ll bet they practice many hours a day!

  41. Baramburum123456 says:

    ernests212 , what is matter ? Their motivation methods work perfectly. This kids show to everyone, that American and European understanding of education and the kid development is sucks !!!

  42. MrManuelstrokes says:

    is there anything Asians can’t do?

  43. VAMPIR6037 says:

    @690belka это эксплотация это не выносима просто в Китае или где там делать просто нечего

  44. VAMPIR6037 says:

    вот китайцам делать нечего совсем оболдели

  45. irishconfetti says:

    America is fucked.

  46. ngoclinhkhue says:

    If they are beaten to practice and study I’m worried they have to beat all the people: D
    A people where 99% literacy rate and educational value of music, journalism, painting.
    North Korean children have not said how much the small music?

  47. SukoLZS says:

    Poor kids! So sad!

  48. claudecarson616 says:

    Your video is well loved on Basseterre

  49. ASsira00 says:

    thats ‘sick’

  50. alexsmsv says:


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