The Most Important Guitar Lesson You Ever Need (Guitar Lesson TR-004) How to play

This could be the most vital guitar lesson you ever get. Check it out. It’s about transcribing and using your ear. Followed by a brief chat about Darfur. The links are: httpTaught by Justin Sandercoe. Full support at the justinguitar web site where you will find hundreds of lessons on a wide range of subjects, and all the scales and chords that you will ever need! There is a fantastic forum too to get help, no matter what the problem. And it is all really free, no bull. No try out lessons, no memberships, no free ebook. Just tons of fantastic lessons :) To get help with this lesson (and for further info and tabs), find the Lesson ID in the video title (like ST-667 or whatever) and then look it up on the Lesson Index page of Have fun .
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  1. sowhatim says:

    U r a very excellent human being…certainly ll see wat we can do….

  2. sdm41084 says:

    found this bout a week ago and i didnt have my guitar with then i forget dudes name and couldnt find this. found it finally

  3. mastyer0fReality says:

    ID really like to sort out that shit in Africa. But I don’t know how. How do you get through to the devil?

  4. KakashiDominates says:

    I practiced guitar for a year before my first jam
    And all through the jam, my perception of guitar altered completely, and I feel like I progressed more all through the one jam than all through the whole year I played guitar
    Jamming is one of the most vital aspects of playing guitar
    Don’t just sit at home and learn songs

  5. anuar1978 says:

    justin what the hell are you doin? please dont use your popularity in guitar lessons to apply biased issues. thats just outta place !

  6. ARapidLurch8788 says:

    @CRF450Rider585 Try making 4 chords, place them together, now is that your verse or chorus? Now try and get a meoldy going using the right sounding scales. What i do sometimes is whistle, hum or sing a melody then transfer it to guitar and work on it. You will find if you make up different melodies on your own then when you come to jam you will use those as a base and work off them. Hope this helped Paul

  7. ARapidLurch8788 says:

    @CRF450Rider585 Try picking your guitar up on your own, no distractions and just play! If you are excellent and you know the way a guitar works then you will come up with something, everyone goes through stages where you find it hard to come up with something, you just have to stick at it. Some of the best songs were written in 20minutes and some take years. What instruments do your friends play and what do you do rhythm/lead? Try changing the way you write…

  8. CRF450Rider585 says:

    fantastic information, but im in a delema here me out. So i started culture guitar around 5 years ancient, no tabs no teachers nothing, exactly how you clarified. So i have an incredible ear and i can play scarified whoopty do. when it comes to improving, i just don’t have it. i am 19 now and every time ill try to jam w my friends i have really no thought what to play…its crazy because im very excellent! what should i do! i feel like im at a dead end with my guitar playing. help me out guys. thanks!

  9. althedj says:

    AAA+++ right on brilliant instruction and chops : )

  10. impertTV says:

    He sounds like Austin Powers

  11. anishmathew7 says:

    Hey Justin,
    Just learned your site. I’m going to spend a lot of time there. Your a fantastic teacher! 

  12. andoanderson51 says:

    hey justin Thanks for the video. I have played professionally for thirty years and have been teaching for the last 7 or 8. All your work is right on but this chat about listening is the best. Thanks a lot. Also Thanks for your words about Darfur. You play and live from the heart.

  13. MrBethpheonix says:


  14. ScottPhot88 says:

    I just want to say that I learned your website around a week ago and you are an absolute inspiration. Not just as a guitar player or teacher but as a human being.

  15. nkd254 says:

    i liked the lesson from 9:45 to 9:50 lol……..kiddin!! resppect for justin!!

  16. nkd254 says:

    been watchin justin alot… but noticed the tattoo on his left arm just now lol!!

  17. piyush10793 says:

    @crazygeek777 im first starting with some excellent ancient nursery rhymes and poems and recognizing chord progressions …….. thank you for your answer :)

  18. crazygeek777 says:

    @piyush10793 any song you like that’s simple..
    maybe one of the newer garage bluesy-rock bands songs, they’re normally honestly simple to play, like next girl, or i got mine by the black keys, or seven nation army by the white stripes

  19. mpp2d says:

    I see nothing incorrect with culture the clarification first from a tab or a youtube video. If your ear is excellent enough, you will be able to hear the mistakes in the tab or the slight variations linking slides or whatnot. (ex. intro to enter sandman by metallica. there is a slide in the 3rd intro riff that reads as one note on paper, but a properly timed slide seems to make a different note). Anyways, nothing incorrect with culture the clarification first then practicing proper tone and timing. that’s what i do.

  20. jaylinthompson1122 says:

    this was very inspirational. i am now going to play around looking for sounds on my guitar all night long.

  21. piyush10793 says:

    Thank you justin ….. i wanted to know some simple songs to transcribe …… any information people ???

  22. MrShredshred says:

    thank you man ….fuck all the dislikers ….hahahaha

  23. JusticieroDeLaMuerte says:

    Thanks, Justin. I’ve always told the same information to my students about culture things by ear. But I especially want to thank you because of your last comment. I’m tiresome to make my friends and family be aware of those kind of things and I hope each one of us becomes more concious about the suffering of other human beings. Cheers!

  24. DataInvalid says:

    Sir ,

    After watching your video , i really had to log in to my account and comment on it . I used to go to websites and find chords for the songs i wished to play , but until i came across this video of yours .
    The words which came from you are directly from your heart , you are sincere and you really mean it .I admire you for sharing all your knowledge with us people and even taking time to care about unjust matters in this planet. Kudos to you , you have earned the respect of many of us.

  25. Vinix30 says:

    This is the man

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