Tommy Emmanuel – Guitar Boogie

Another translation of Arthur Smith’s “Guitar Boogie“. This translation by Tommy is one of my favourites. Fantastic playing by the guitar master!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. assassingrass says:

    Show off…lol

  2. TheMatonTE says:

    One small string bend for a man, one huge string bend for mankind.

  3. MadnessOfMarmots says:

    3:45 – “Crap. How do I follow up that?”

  4. dencolitis says:


  5. aditeyeshield21 says:

    cok,, like this yeeee

  6. 62chevy26 says:

    I could turn gay for Tommy Emmanuel….

  7. ZiggieLemonBag says:

    omg….he is incredible :D

  8. 6Bene says:


    Lol but thats the end

  9. bcm041198 says:

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  10. Boris6444 says:

    I’m answering to the 333 “I don’t like it”…
    What do you want more?
    Fuck off.

  11. alexeypajitnov says:

    fingers go so quick, incredible.

  12. Wiseowl555 says:

    @Wiseowl555 whoops read the comment incorrect.

  13. Wiseowl555 says:

    @theplunkman It sounds more like F Major to me… maybe I’m catching the incorrect note in my head.

  14. KenoxProductions says:

    Ahhh I wanted to go to his concert but it got canceled :S

  15. rennyshelton says:

    In the words of Mr. T, “I pity the fool who has to try and follow that.”

  16. alternatosh says:

    Can’t help but watch this with a stupid smile on my face.

  17. 19antonello95 says:

    che figata?

  18. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    fantastic pbs special,,,,i always wonder if instrumentalists are demonstrative when they practice by themselves,,,i have a note on my piano that states,,,,’i can’t stop my leg Robert Klein” to remember ”don’t look like a statue”

  19. ElvisLivesUpstairs says:

    Those must be comfortable shoes. I could walk all day with shoes like that and not feel a thing.

  20. rbuettner100 says:

    My favorites are all Tommy Emmanuel, hes the best discovery on you tube just JK about the C Major

  21. MrCarlHaynes says:

    I gotta be honest, that’s a bunch of guitar! Sweet wild! :-)

  22. QuintinPenola says:

    i like acoustic over electric

  23. theplunkman says:

    @rbuettner100 he is C Major

  24. JayJay302010 says:

    Justin Bieber strikes again with his 331 youtube financial statement

  25. lungbernd says:

    @xEdgewise so you are one of the 331 who dislike it ?? :-) ))

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