Top 5 Improvising Concepts

Andrew answer’s the question: “I am really wedged when it comes to improvising. I have spent a lot of time practicing scales and also culture about keys and Music Scheme. I have also worked through several books that teach guitar licks all over the fingerboard. I have excellent technique, I have learnt how to play quick lines, tapping, sweep picking, etc. but, I still just cant seem to play a nice long melody all through a solo. When I take note to top-notch players like Steve Vai or just excellent all around guitar players such as David Gilmour they seem to have a flow to their playing that I just cant seem to take. Can you please help me with a few tips on this theme.” Thank you, Donald – Las Vegas, NV. Andrew goes over a quick “Top 5″ list of Improvising Concepts: 1). Learn scale patterns as well as octave templates. Practice for hours to gain a solid technique for them all over the guitar neck. 2). Take note to the solos of fantastic guitar players, and try your best to know their use of space and nation in their solos. Also, spend time listening to other instruments as well as vocal melody lines. Do a excellent deal of Transcription work also. 3). Know that feelings and emotions play a huge role in developing solos that capture a listeners attention. When you feel inspired… PLAY GUITAR! 4). Master the use of phrasing devices such as; slides, bends, legato, vibrato, double-stops, harmonics… etc. 5). Know the relationships linking scale degrees and the chords being


  1. Filo Fallopian says:

    Thanks for the thoughts much appreciated.

  2. grunntalll says:

    thats not what i ment. Im saying that Mike Bloomfield played excellent quick and slow. That he didnt rely on just playing many clarification. but he played them all with perfect attack and feel

  3. TheDilligan says:

    you cant really place it that way… i can do quick and slow solos and im not as excellent quick as Jimmy Page or as excellent slow as David Gilmour…

  4. grunntalll says:

    then are people who do the quick solos just as excellent as excellent slow solos, Mike Bloomfield

  5. Joshua Kutrieb says:

    Thank you very much!! Fantastic explanation!!

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    You should grow a beard and shave your head


    6. play with other musician (drum,bass.key,etc) often

  8. DuskY1991 says:

    Hey Andrew, even though I knew about these octave shapes, I didn’t realize they were this useful. It kinda was the missing piece to my puzzle. Thanks a lot!

  9. will9436222 says:

    rich equitment

  10. wessingtonboy says:

    or you can utube Guthrie Govan or Alex Hutchins and see the future of guitar – They will inspire you as much as this fine man does – but judge me – these guys are on the cutting edge of insane playing.with feeling and a crazy genius!!!

  11. TheGuitarkid1020 says:

    a wise, wise man! ;)

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    Sir can you tell me if i get the octave paterns what is the next did you mean the clarification are the landing area? or what how can i build the same scales in that part its the same clarification but not the same place hehe sir its me again i have a lot of question hehe i hope you know what i mean. im always waiting .I found the God of guitar. Sorry terrible english again tnx to all lesson and your the one of the best tnx

  13. longroadhome108 says:

    … – When I watch your videos its the opposite. I will undoubtedly learn more about the subject, cuz of what I said about your detail – but I may learn something unexpected because of your by and large skills as a gitarist as well as a teach..Thanks…

  14. longroadhome108 says:

    Andrew a lot of guys attempt to teach other people to play guitar better on Youtube. But you, my man, are a right teacher. The way you clarify the topics and details adds so much depth and understanding – at smallest amount for me – that it makes all the difference. I appreciate talented guitarists who play a lick then show you a close up of their fingers in slow motion with some loose commentary and then go on. But nothing much is sinking in from that.

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    can you please tell me how do you get your guitar sound? it sounds really awesome

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    muyy bueno explicando, aporta con sencillez

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    You are to guitar what Day[9] is to starcraft. Thank you so much for all that you do.

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    top lecture .thankyou

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    I really like the questioner in this video. I like thinking of someone striving to find the deeper expression. I don’t know it just seemed like a really honest pure question. :)

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    Thank you Andrew for putting in your valuable time on these well-informed videos!!  You clarify in fantastic detail for the average beginner or intermediate guitar player. I personally have benefitted a fantastic deal and of course we all by no means stop culture new things!!!

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    I like this guy!!! no homo

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    doubtless Seymore duncan hot rails


    what set of pickups are in that strat ?

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    That is an brilliant thing to do! – Andrew

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