Toy Story – You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman – How to Play on guitar, lesson, tutorial

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  1. mrkennithkannif says:

    I just wanna learn the “solo” :P

  2. thatonechick2012 says:

    No! Not take care, how do you do the well-known pickin that you did in the beginning!?!?!?!?!

  3. bladevampirekidway says:

    This song can be learned much simpler with the use of a capo.

  4. michaelwelchify says:

    Ironic because you look Al from al’s toy barn

  5. JamieHutchins11 says:

    Could we just do the origanl chords?

  6. jsymons1985 says:

    the chords are incorrect… the Eb D Db thing is a bit of a simplification. should be Ebmaj7 Bb#5 Eb7add9 (no 3rd).

  7. pauljohnson91 says:

    A couple of times you play a 7 while you say it’s normal chord. I reckon the 7′s sound way better. You do this at Gmin – C – Fmin – Bb, after you broke it down you play Gmin7 – C7 – Fmin7 – Bb7. And at D – Emin – Bdim – D, you play an Emin7. I reckon youre videos are really incredible. Please right me if I’m incorrect. Just wanted to share this because I reckon the way you really play it (with the 7′s) just sounds nicer! Cheers!

  8. jugglingtheapples says:

    So psyched to learn this song!

  9. LuLzezRoflcopter says:

    Marty, could you eventually make a basic tutorial covering various types of chords if you haven’t already. Covering how to play them, how chords work and all that fun stuff? Much appreciated!

  10. FireInTheHole96 says:

    Dude you are an absolute legend!

  11. NemoRoxCX says:

    @max95nl Dah fuck is that?

  12. RogaBigCalves says:

    If you can’t get your thumb around for the A dim you can bar the first fiddle with from the G string up

  13. ILuvASR says:

    u look like the chicken guy on toy tale

  14. hyuuganedji says:

    can I do the hendrix chord instead of the diminish chord?

  15. PuppyZwolle says:

    I doubt the lyrics will ever catch on but I like the tune. ;^)

  16. Dhalltx3 says:

    i squealed like a small girl when i heard him playing this

  17. VANS91106 says:

    how did you do the last part when it was the last string

  18. typotone11 says:

    could you please do a lesson on “we could happen” by aj rafael? thx

  19. doodlemasterful says:

    @GamersDemos Hahahahahaha excellent one =)

  20. ledzepphead1 says:

    @GamersDemos i was really about to say that say thing. hahaha

  21. GamersDemos says:

    @snookertj you say all that i say shut the fuck up, marty’s playing

  22. Penguin9796 says:

    FWD:solo is:
    “8 8 11″ 11 13 14 15 11 “13″13/ 13 11 “11 10 9 7h8″ 11 “8″
    linking “this” is 2nd string, the rest 1st.
    (originally written by @max95nl )

  23. Penguin9796 says:

    @3040junior umm its capo on the FIRST fret then its
    Em , Em, D C
    for the WHOLE song.

  24. CianCQ says:

    @Austin91peck Well not really, these are sweet much all basic bar chords (except for 2 of them). The key is to right down all the chords and their forms of you need it and practice, practice and practice. :P

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