Tracy Chapman – Fast Car (Boyce Avenue feat. Kina Grannis acoustic cover) on iTunes

Europe Tour 2011: iTunes: For tour Meet & Greet VIP Packages click here: USA: UK: EU: Mailing List (sign up for first ticket announcements and other updates) Amazon: Hey everybody! Meet our dear friend Kina Grannis! She is, um, awesome. :) We invited her out to hang with us when we played a show in Los Angeles this Summer, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. We recently got together in Orlando, Florida, and we recorded a couple of our pet songs together, live and acoustically. This is one of the two songs; hope you like it! If you do, check out her channel at: Her videos are awesome and her original music is fantastic! Thanks again for all the support everyone! :) ~Boyce Avenue~ Produced & Directed by Alejandro & Daniel Manzano All parts prearranged by Alejandro Manzano & Kina Grannis Edited by Owen LeVelle Lighting by Casey Brooke Lawson Filmed by Adam Barber & Casey Brooke Lawson Audio Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber & Alejandro & Daniel Manzano Filmed and Recorded at Phat Planet Studios in Orlando, FL Phat Planet Studios Boyce Avenue (Music Channel) (Vlog Channel) Kina Grannis [cds, merch, blog, news, sign up for mailing list] http [take note and like] [new video every 2 weeks] [follow

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  1. azmifaris12 says:

    michael collins brought me here.. in this guys are awesome too..

  2. TheOriginalNathanOSU says:

    I have heard this song for years. I have heard this cover for months. But it was one of those songs that i listened to without really “listening” to. I just now read the lyrics, and wow. I legit got goosebumps just reading them. A very depressing song really.

  3. Dsdura1 says:

    I jizzed my pants and im a straight guy lol the best cover i’ve ever heard. Jesus man keep going strong you guys are ridiculous…. and kina your hot lol. Incredible and excellent job guys

  4. kristi3292 says:

    you two should really be like a permanent band together.. you both sound AMAZING together!! your voices compliment each others so freaking well. its gorgeous

  5. frickinasshle says:

    lol, well it is sometimes on the radio in the sanfrancisco bay area :D

  6. Bdw1212 says:

    I reckon he sings this song damn excellent dude your pants should be diminishing off cuz your singing ur as* off

  7. jordanmgarvey says:

    rock on tambourine man!

  8. kevslf1 says:

    @SWIFTbears oh right well ya know what i mean by mainstream, just all the really shit, futile, repetitive bullshit that is constantly played

  9. dominicandrumer17 says:

    this should be your most viewed cover! m/

  10. ThePartyhype says:

  11. mattbeermusic says:

    hey guys! i’m an aspiring guitarist/singer-songwriter who just wants publicity/exposure… you should check my page out. i promise you, you will not regret it. boyce avenue has been a huge influence to me, and it’d be my marvel to play with them/make a video with them. thumbs up for the struggling musician. thumbs up so they can see this? help my marvel come right. thank you so much for reading this, i really appreciate it. if this isn’t convincing enough, my last name is beer :P

  12. Jexen1331 says:

    @mjcseymour it’s music it doesnt have to make sense to everyone just the one who wrote it

  13. totaandrea says:

    gostei muito

  14. pianokeys96 says:

    this is my pet cover on youtube. i’ve listened to it 4 times today, and i do this everyday…

  15. ashbashmacaw21 says:

    both of u guys singing THIS song is the best thing that ever happened to you-tube!!!!!:D

  16. SWIFTbears says:

    @kevslf1 I Live in Sweden so i don’t hear it on the radio either man ;)

  17. kevslf1 says:

    @SWIFTbears I don’t live in america so I by no means hear this on the radio on see it on music channels

  18. SWIFTbears says:

    @kevslf1 Uhm… I’m sorry.. I like this music too but.. this is very nearly as mainstream as it gets ;) And if you disagree you clearly do not have much knowledge about music :)

  19. lifeisna says:

    o! ok thanks.

  20. craZelz says:

    @lifeisna Self teach! If you don’t like using the internet, use books, but the internet is simplest. First look up “how to read tabs”. Then look up some basic chords etc. This song is not too hard once you have got the hang of rhythm, I promise :)

  21. mjcseymour says:

    @xXCloseCombatXx leave it out u prat

  22. mjcseymour says:

    @Freddie94Woods you’re all talk mate, let me have my opinion

  23. lifeisna says:

    oh cool only distress is don’t no anything about guitars!
    other than what i’ve figured from messing around with mine which ain’t much.

  24. Clazanet says:

    @lifeisna You don’t need lessons to play the guitar. I can’t afford lessons either but you can learn on the internet, you just google the song you want and then after add ‘chords’ or ‘Tabs’ and then you can see how to play, and what fret and capo and fiddle with position snd everything. My sister and I are culture together. She’s better than me but whatever. :)

  25. CodyHiddingMusic says:

    Pls watch my channel , i have a band called the next step and we do the same thing like boyce aveneu! So pls like and subscribe and let our dreams come treu! Thank you!
    ook alle nederlanders !(: check het uit (: wij zijn nederlands en doen het zelfde als boyce avenue

  26. Moudhimusic says:

    use this link if you want incredible and soft music /watch?v=ZZDZNRet9E0

  27. HDnatureTV says:

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  28. pilikalika says:

    this is sooo gorgeous and exactly what i needed just now! thank you so much!

  29. youngatheart123 says:


  30. gigaretrolife says:

    the 9 dislikers are clearly deaf

  31. woundedbear49 says:

    speechless,…….all I can say.

  32. 1marnet says:

    Music and Video is 1st class ! Thank you

  33. oGH057o says:

    Is there anyway I can place this on my iPod?

  34. spiritualart2050 says:

    Like this music very much !! Gorgeous and mind lifting :)

  35. kaitlynn654 says:


  36. meghak4m says:

    lovellyyyy ..:)

  37. isiwalu9 says:

    so gorgeous

  38. bllourias says:

    Wonderful music to take note to, over the sounds of playing chilren. This musical overlay makes sound of the ocean seem peaceful, as I usually don’t like ocean and wave sounds from recordings. Whoever place this together made sure the rhythms were matched. Thank you for taking the time to place the music and waves together in a calming manner. :-) Fantastic work. (Listened 5 times in a row)

  39. pinkcolor03 says:

    This is the only classical song i liked =D

  40. HDnatureTV says:

    Post your ‘Music’ Video Responses – today.

  41. FluffyJetProductions says:


  42. hurricanejones1 says:

    Nice blend of visuals and music, whilst keeping waves sounds

  43. hurricanejones1 says:

    Nice blend of viduals and music

  44. densaugeo says:

    I could watch this all day!

    Thanks gr8 Video!

  45. mmipi says:

    Tres belle musique

  46. BetterDuckStudios says:

    Serious fishing there. And hammerhead sharks.

  47. lillmissbaaadasss says:

    Soothing to the ear, Taking me to sands far from here, where the air becomes clear.
    The vision is so close I can taste it . Just as i can feel the sunsets rays as warm waves rush over me with clairity. In this moment I am free from everything infront of me.

    Thank you. Gorgeous, inspiring music .

  48. HDnatureTV says:

    This is Boca Grande is North of Fort Myers, Florida. Delight in!

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