U2 – One – Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson tutorial

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Powered by www.eurovision.tv Tom Dice will represent Belgium with the song Me And My Guitar at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo (Norway), taking place on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May. Ever since he can remember, the twenty-year-ancient Tom has been effective on his music. He started his music career at music school but soon realised he longed for something else. He taught himself how to play the guitar and wrote his very first song when he was twelve years ancient. At age fifteen Tom started his own band, The Dice. That name now lives on as Toms stage name. Tom has always had a special relationship with his fans. Already well-known in his home region, one of his community fans entered him for the auditions of the Belgian edition of talent show X Factor in 2008. Not only did Tom Dice make it to the show, thanks to his magnificent voice and his fanss by no means-ending support, he survived all eleven live TV shows and finished second. By June of the same year Tom released his first single, an acoustic translation of Leona Lewiss Bleeding Like. The single was an instant success in the Belgian charts.
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  1. SonicGem5 says:

    LMAO he’s got the ‘bono hat’

  2. HanBanan281 says:

    Marty, thank you for everything you do. I by no means thought I could play guitar until your videos. You are so inspiring and incredible.

  3. l3utterfish says:


  4. SerbianDukePwnage says:

    @JohnHankTV he did that ages ago

  5. fenome16 says:

    I was wondering if you know how to play your guardian angel red jumpsuit apparatus if you do can u make a vid of it

  6. 50c50t says:

    Just unusual. How does this equate to the chords in your itunes translation? Fantastic work. Tx.

  7. epeltzman says:

    @i3oosted Haha you don’t want that

  8. StevenD595 says:

    Hi Marty.

    I happen to do what I needed to do with youtube to be able to post you a message.

    Marty – you are amazingly talented.

    Why are you not pursuing your own material with your talent. If you are – please forgive me…
    I see teaching as settling in. Are you effective on your own material? I am effective on my own material and I delight in your vids.

  9. benclydeboy says:

    like this song

  10. TaiPaul1 says:

    Thanks Marty . Bought a guitar a week ago and I’m already playing ‘ONE’ sort off . But I’m getting there. I stopped watching other lessons produce they infuse me and I want to stick to urs. I use ur IPad app :) keep up the fantastic work

  11. Nick4563880 says:

    What about the riff In the beginning?

  12. Recovery82 says:

    @JohnHankTV he has

  13. 1dragonleader says:

    thank you ..

  14. tab0978 says:

    @JohnHankTV he did it 4 months ago, first search, then say…

  15. ILiveMusicful says:

    @tumexdifi thats right. But that isn’t a standard chord for beginners, although it’s an simpler one.

  16. cerealkiller1124 says:

    I can’t thank you enough for these videos, especially this one. Your instructional method is superb. I watched this video yesterday at work and took a few clarification. That evening, after a small practice, I was playing and singing the song. Thank you so much.

  17. remimomo says:

    fantastic, fantastic fantastic.. i like this song, and he makes it so simple

  18. tumexdify says:

    is sounds better with dsus2

  19. moordt says:

    Thanks you’re a fantastic teacher! Going to check out some more songs!

  20. JohnHankTV says:

    He should do vertigo by U2

  21. VypalonG says:

    Thank you, Marty, for making the guitar much less intimidating. This too is a timeless song, right up there with wish you were here.

  22. voodoohamsterdoll says:

    Marty, can you do a lesson for ‘Terrible’ by U2?

  23. tso222 says:

    I like to play the D major as a Dsus2. It’s the same chord but you simply play the high E string open. I reckon that sounds quicker to the song’s sound.

    Nice lesson as always, Marty!

  24. misterpeng2000 says:

    nice! habe es sofort gut verstanden danke dafür und grüße aus deutschland :-)

  25. misterpeng2000 says:


  26. randallconnorjames says:

    inspired me to pick up my guitar again :)

  27. GRINSEKATZEausAIW says:

    charming boy *ggg*…….

  28. FranziLennon says:

    i absolutely like this song. That´s why i did a cover of this. Please tell me what you reckon of it.

    thank you guys :)

  29. palantkaa says:

    słodziak !<3

  30. anniet1992 says:


  31. Xx4everTheBestXx says:


  32. TheBellStyle says:

    Incredible song <3

  33. ryxan2010 says:

    should of won eurovision :) x

  34. Xtradryoco says:

    This Song Is Fantastic

  35. MilloRox says:

    @FlashBeatzz done bro

  36. ackiemays11j says:

    This vid went viral on Asuncion

  37. finalkid97 says:

    Im 14 years ancient…and today i record my first song “My guitar” i recorded a music video too ( not professional ) anyway i would really REALY appreciate for you to watch it :) )
    Please Thumbs up and help me to be 1 step quicker to my dreams…THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)

  38. heki92 says:

    @FlashBeatzz what about if u didn’t like him :p

  39. Sumacpipecarver says:

    very dull for me

  40. gta4freak7651 says:

    BelguimRules. Small people with a fantastic history..

  41. AnnoingOrange1 says:

    Have Fun ;)

  42. lexiskramer229a says:

    This vid is a pet on Paraguay

  43. SaReK20full says:

    where is it?

  44. Pian0Mast3r says:

    10 likes and i place a video of this song :O !

  45. papastrumpf says:

    To me that was the winning song of ESC 2010

  46. selenagomezfanaaahh says:

    i’m from belgium!!! and i voted for him his incredible! it’s soo emotional and just gets me! <3

  47. AntiLangeweilePartei says:

    :) )

  48. AntiLangeweilePartei says:


  49. TiNeNoLeTo04 says:

    @FlashBeatzz Siiing :)

  50. Sylka9031 says:

    Nice song and wonderful voice. Million hearts :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥….

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