Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl – Super Easy Song Lesson on Acoustic Guitar

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  1. CPTKikutaTV says:

    @j0rb3n I agree, but chords has an H in it.

  2. darkroomxvii says:

    @j0rb3n *two

  3. 1etto1 says:

    @j0rb3n you should learn the chords before you start culture the songs…

  4. Akadema09 says:

    Landon Austin – Waitin’

  5. text79361 says:

    Sweet dude thnx so much. Its fun to play this song idk y. Can u make a vid how to play ain’t no sunshine by bill withers thx

  6. skipster2010 says:

    honestly man thank you for your vids you are awesome to learn off so simple

  7. guyluca says:

    Hey, thanks for taking the time to do this. What kind of acoustic is that, really nice tight sound.

  8. DeathAdder1975 says:

    Hey Marty could u do Matchbox 20 Unwell?

  9. DeathAdder1975 says:

    @DeathAdder1975 ops i ment smoke on the water not Watcher lmfao

  10. DeathAdder1975 says:

    this kinda how i learn to play guitar also by when i learned smoke on watcher with the 03530330 trick as an model.. not the full note so dont try that part lolz

  11. frasierdog says:

    are you kid rock

  12. MarioRulz58 says:

    @jamrock421 it got u laid by a tramp

  13. DxJ90x says:

    @DxJ90x G0 = Open G string etc

  14. DxJ90x says:

    Simpler way of playing intro

    G0 G2 B0 G2 G0 | B1 B3 E0 B3 B1 | G0 G2 B0 G2 G0 | D4 D4 G0 G2

  15. AnnieIsWhatWeAimFor says:

    Any other songs with just these chords? So simple. (:

  16. martinet1985 says:

    @elmoskater he really plays the D chord with the bottom 4 strings…

  17. titanogco says:

    Like your video… Been practising all day :-) You rock!

  18. SirCaptainFilms says:

    @MrRhard123 learn how to play a horse with no name by america, and wild thing by the troggs, ultra super simple stuff

  19. djorourke94 says:

    @elmoskater I dont reckon he does. a D chord with all six strings played would sound dreadful

  20. wooac says:

    Bored with this request, no?

  21. TheMightyGardener says:

    Very nice job indeed..Keep the excellent work up Marty!

  22. MrRhard123 says:

    Not simple..I suck :( I just got a guitar today for my birthday and I was like yeahh! Gonna learn something!

  23. MrRhard123 says:

    Not simple..I suck :(

  24. adamponeil says:

    Dang complainers. I have been playing guitar for like 3 months and Marty’s videos have been the largest help to me. Plus I was single-minded and practiced like 2 hours a day some days. So try harder and dont knock Marty’s videos because they are very simple due to his teaching style.

  25. elmoskater says:

    why does he play the d chord with all six strings im a begginer but when i looked up chords it says ur ment to only play for the bottom 4 strings nd dont touch the top 2

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