Wilco: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Armed with acoustic guitars, tiny amps, a desktop percussion unit and a ton of grace, Wilco plays three new songs from The Whole Like and an ancient pet in a stripped-down but powerful set at the NPR Music offices. Set List: “Dawned On Me” “Whole Like” “Born Alone” “War On War” For more videos and to subscribe to the Tiny Desk Concerts podcast, visit npr.org/tinydeskconcerts.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. xiaosainzboy says:

    glenn kotche going to town on that kit

  2. Kim Gavin says:


  3. JorgeMags says:

    Maynard in the keyboards, cool

  4. ekovv says:

    Certainly. I have a knockoff Hofner bass that has a sweet similar sound when it’s unplugged but I don’t have a very excellent amp so it just sounds muddy when I plug it in.

  5. JosephODonnellMusic says:

    You still looking for that bass sound? I have a few things I could recommend… :)

  6. MattLukasiewiczMusic says:

    Wilco. Respect.

  7. SmallbanyMike says:

    It gets no better. Thanks Wilco!

  8. JimmyLovelock says:

    I can’t judge how low the play count is. Meanwhile crap singers like Lady Gaga have millions? There is something incorrect with society……..

  9. foryourlove89 says:

    It would be so cool if Built to Spill came on this show!!!

  10. TheJimmyNathan says:

    I by no means seen wilco live. AM album made me want to play guitar. Before i knew it, few lessons, and i was jammin on ”box full of letters”. I like this band and like it even better when a bands latest album is better than any others they have place out. Shows you the band likes what they do…..thank you wilco

  11. asherslc says:

    How can anyone dislike this video?

  12. siccharm says:

    nice bass

  13. jdl5879 says:

    Does anyone else reckon Tweedy looks a bit like Charles Manson in this video?

  14. greattechreviews says:

    You cant insult retards like that… People who dislike wilco are way to uncool to have special needs

  15. davidjdefabio says:

    The likes to dislikes ratio is about 200:1. That is the exact ratio of retards:non-retards in this planet. Looks like these two things are inversely proportional.

  16. drock369 says:

    I really agree with you. I like Wilco pre-Nels. But Sky Blue Sky is the greatest album ever, in large part, IMO, to Nels.

  17. sewbizar1 says:

    Lived down the street from Bob & JoAnn Tweedy. Lucked out one spring day & caught the Wilco crew playing wiffle ball in the street. Jeff was gracious enough to autograph my copy of the A.M. cd jacket. That was 1996. My daughter was 7 years ancient. Now she is a budding folk artist. At the time she had no thought what she was gifted by Jeff. Now at 23 she’s a bonafide fan!

  18. Brian Wilde says:

    Nels Cline really pulled this band together into something truly unique.

  19. kylehlogan says:

    Time to try my bass out with my ZT Lunchbox I guess.

  20. tdfox1979 says:

    I can’t wait to see you Mr. Tweedy for the first time this June in Geneva Illinois!

  21. brinekoffe says:

    i <3 wilco. Thank you Jeff and Nels!!

  22. NeonRainbowRiot says:

    My boyfriend gave me a Mix with this song on it and i’ve loved it ever since.

  23. jaydubbs99 says:

    hey npr. get a tiny desk piano and keep it tuned!

  24. smcarthur86 says:

    What a killer drumset!

  25. wileykinetics says:

    I like it!

  26. thornwitchgirl says:


  27. IwillDie4Ubabe says:

    So when I googled and saw images of Marilyn Manson my immediate thought was who let the Joker’s emo brother out of his cellar underground. Now after repeating that in my head several times I feel kinda terrible for the impulsive insults to this person I don’t even know. But I still reckon it’s amusing. LOL

  28. Messiahbolical666 says:

    Ma favourite MattG video so far! :D  3:26 !

  29. SierraSkyLovespunk says:

    Can you get the real Marylin Manson and send him to my house he’s kinda cute lol

  30. marychuki11 says:

    he kinda looked like Chris Motionless xD

  31. SuperStarry98 says:

    my 11 year ancient sister is taller! she is 5’7″

  32. TheLiesapiesa says:

    Someone get Matt some bitches!

  33. kaylarose fromdeathe says:

    mattg’s 5’6 and im 5’8 and im only 14, i reckon i have a problem :o

  34. suus14 says:

    I dare you to send the REAL Marilyn Manson to my house! <3

  35. LucidlyJackie says:

    I’m a 16-year-ancient girl, and I’m 6 inches taller than you XD

  36. Ceili Iero says:

    Go on an incredible adventure to hunt and kill manbearpig.
    Excellent Luck! ;3

  37. SpazzyElephantsx3 says:

    when its time to womp my willow; i always reckon of you

  38. girlytomboy121 says:

    68″=5’8 just sayin

  39. loljoolookfunny says:

    When it is time to kill Hitler I always do it :)

  40. TenorSaxBug says:

    full metal alchemist posters!

  41. MetalBunnie says:

    Hahaha Jesus with the structure he is clearly just kidding Gosh Marilyn Mansin fangirls cool down he was just improvising.

  42. Scarypair92 says:

    Well I’ve been a hardcore Marilyn Manson fan for 6 years and he has by no means worn that make up design, ever.

  43. jandnproductions7 says:

    matt force not have bitches but he does get pussy……cat

  44. thecookiepage says:

    have you been living below a rock your whole life?

  45. MelanieK589 says:

    2:40 simply incredible..

  46. ThrowHammersAtPeople says:

    everyone was laughing at me cuz at school i was walking trough the hallway singing the song about brushing yr teeth :D but i loved it it is like my pet song ever!!!

  47. smoshyfever103 says:

    your bitch is right here!!!

  48. azael131313 says:


  49. Scarypair92 says:

    Since when did Marilyn Manson have make up like that?? o.O

  50. ikdsjOFFICIAL says:

    fucken niiice hell yea!!!!!!!

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