With Arms Wide Open – Creed (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on iTunes

US Tour 2012: BoyceAvenue.com iTunes: iTunes.com Fortour Meet & Greet VIP Packages click here: USA: packages.artistarena.com Mailing List (sign up for first ticket announcements and other updates) BoyceAvenue.com Amazon: www.amazon.com Alejandro Manzano of Boyce Avenue acoustic cover of Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open” Audio: Produced by Alejandro Manzano & Daniel Manzano Arrangement by Alejandro Recorded & Engineered by Adam Barber Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber, Alejandro & Daniel Video: Produced & Directed by Daniel & Alejandro Editing/Coloring by Owen LeVelle Facebook facebook.com Twitter twitter.com YouTube youtube.com (Music Channel) youtube.com (Vlog Channel) Official Site boyceavenue.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TheForsterBrothers says:

    * Whoever responds to this, thankyou *
    Hey all, we are two brothers from NZ who like performing acoustic music. Music has brought us so much quicker as brothers and we’d like to continue. We aren’t two rich teenagers who can afford fancy cameras and recording equipment, but we have managed to get to 1000 subscribers through ipod touch recordings alone thanks to the people of youtube :)

    If you could help us out by subscribing or thumbing up this comment it’d be appreciated.Thanks people

  2. Southpoledougherty says:

    Seriously? I cannot COMPREHEND how you can possibly dislike this song. You must not know what music… or even emotion is.

  3. XBethanyDanielleX says:

    I am absolutely in like with his voice<3

  4. TheAlejocali says:

    @mrCaptainFTW creed suck??????…jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

  5. MitsukiSky says:

    you feel the emotion in his voice. this song certainly means soothing extra special to him. I can just feel it! I like you Boyce Avenue. <3 Thank you for sharing your talents. -mi gusta-

  6. ehmelar says:

    what would i do without music?

    without fantastic music…

    without BOYCE AVENUE´╗┐ :D

  7. remironen says:

    Fantastic Accoustic Play…i like this song so much..and his voice so excellent..

  8. mrCaptainFTW says:

    creed sucks, but this song is incredible!!!!!!

  9. TheKitten47 says:

    I like the accoustics!!! I can’t get enough of his sound!! Seems to make every song touch a part of my soul. Incredible talent! Keep it up.

  10. ianbrazil says:

    Please,´╗┐ do a cover of Aerosmith – I don’t wanna miss a thing !! I reckon it would sound lovely :)

  11. flamedude8 says:

    @Alexaandree100 Yeah, some songs are better when you have acoustic gods like him playing. He’s really excellent huh?

  12. crazygirl1996ish says:

    I wanna know the cords in this song!

  13. MaliciousMayhem1987 says:

    Outstanding! Another fantastic cover. :)

  14. febrileify says:

    Fellow me on twitter @ febrile & I’ll do the same!

  15. Alexaandree100 says:

    I like it better than the original.

  16. AngelVera69 says:

    you’re a fantastic singer….congrats

  17. nadaetcho says:

    very nice :D

  18. Alexaandree100 says:

    Please cover One last breath :D

  19. TobyIstKuhl says:

    @dizmo427 You have either been screwed over, or you are ignorant. You can hold a Taylor 914ce from f’n guitar center for 3,999. Or you can make to order the guitar yourself, and have it shipped directly from Taylor for 5,400. Know your shit before you talk it bro.

  20. dizmo427 says:

    @TobyIstKuhl really the 914ce is $7000 just saying…

  21. sweetpraises says:

    i just found out the meaning of this song….i like it even more now!!

  22. jjmusiclover16 says:

    i like this song <3

  23. jumafalda15 says:

    i like this coveeeeeeeeeeeeeer ! :3

  24. Maliktanner54 says:

    he is just awesome !!!

  25. SaySwift says:

    @dizmo427 Thumbs up if you looked at his Taylor and came ?

  26. darkgeneral88 says:

    The englet. is one lucky dude

  27. darkgeneral88 says:


  28. MrILoveNovaToDeath says:

    @TrollDuck456 all through da credits?

  29. TheYankees117 says:

    what the hell is the back-around music at the end!!! i like it

  30. ProtectorsGameGuide says:

    Seriously, the creators of this video… (Awesome job on the animations, btw) You guys need to tell us the song name of the credits… I just searched ALL of the comments, and couldn’t find one person who knew the song name, just asking what it was. PLEASE!?… If if you give us the song name… You’ve most likely earned more than 1,000,000+ thanks. =)

  31. kyle96194 says:

    my last comment
    at 5:41


  32. kyle96194 says:

    2:45 there are 3 ways to deal with your girlfriend if you tell her to do something but sadly
    do’s not do it

    1. kick or punch in the pussy

    2. fuck up (beat up) her tits

    3. send here money with cards and kiss
    but that will be shit so bitch slap the baby

    you have been listening to kyle96194 becuase i do not give a shit XD

  33. kyle96194 says:

    1:14 holy shit
    he must be some austere teacher

  34. XxWingImpulsexX says:

    Did anyone noticed its the girl from diner dash who was waiter in the animated part

  35. xRavenFreakx says:

    Can I have the song at 2:31 as a ringtone? ;P

  36. TheSharinganmaster12 says:

    The remix in the end is so damn amusing XD

  37. theheadsetnation says:

    6:59 the meaning of most people’s lives

  38. Gumrap says:

    @nickdsuperwaffle Ikr! They should!

  39. nickdsuperwaffle says:

    Place all the sanity not included vids on iTunes

  40. khoo185 says:

    i mean this vid

  41. khoo185 says:

    how can 216 ppl despise clowns

  42. Killerconnor2 says:

    There should be a sign on this wall!

  43. Killerconnor2 says:

    There is supposed to be a sign on this wall!

  44. tentailsjinchuuriki says:

    2:41 aw hell no. lmfao xD

  45. Trey2dope says:

    OH MY BABY!!

  46. NikNationTV says:

    7:09 like the smirk on Lyle’s face

  47. killerx10001 says:

    4:10 what game is that

  48. 1littlg8 says:

    @DogSoup74 overlord 2

  49. MrLosculos says:

    Chrisrocket im here to answer ur question, lyle fucked nina, lyle fucked the waitress, lyle fucked amanda, dexter fucked amanda, dexter fucked nina(for no reason) and Lyle and Dexter had no relations AT ALL.

  50. DogSoup74 says:

    what game is it at 4:00?

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