Wonderwall by Oasis – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How to Play Strumming Chord Songs

www.nailguitar.com click to get the tab for this lesson and become a VIP for free! Free mp3 drum tracks like those used in this video at: www.givemedrums.com How to play Wonderwall by Oasis. Best suited culture on acoustic guitar, this lesson is designed for beginners to intermediates. Cheers, Andy PS Delight in this lesson? Subscribe so you don’t miss any awesome new lessons! Check out my other channels www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Delight in Nail Guitar lessons? Click below to tweet it! bit.ly Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com PS Looking for a complete step-by-step guitar culture system? Click the link for a fantastic affordable course GuitarCourse.nailguitar.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. dontliethetruth says:

    yep, strumming try out is the toughest part here and ya really nailed it the way it’s supposed to sound

  2. picolodaemao says:

    If the only one that teaches the strumming padron for this. Can you do a video for” if I had a gun”?

  3. TheWorstIsForTheBest says:

    Helped ALOT

  4. vampySARAH says:

    somehow when u clarify it, its much EASIER !!! <3
    want to hear more rock and 90′s specifically ,,/

  5. philliplovelady says:

    DUde…this was the best.

  6. reareacuppycakeful says:

    Urgh… I suck at this…

  7. wolftashie says:

    so cute and a fantastic teacher! what a perfect combination!

  8. oliver1919 says:

    chords are incorrect!!!!!!! it is in f # minor!

  9. SuperTP2009 says:

    I am a drummer but i´d like to learn guitar and with this video i´ve made the first very small step :) i can play wonderwall now :) thanks for this video :) !!

  10. TheJuniorism says:

    Dude, it’s the “up and downs” that helps me learn the beat, don’t stop with them! I’ve by no means went to a guitar teacher so I don’t what that 1 2 a e 3 blabli means. So please, continue with the Ups and Downs. Just learned Hero of War yesterday thanks to you :D

  11. frankymasino says:

    thanks Andy, you’ve really made this song simple to learn!

  12. litinktank29 says:

    like your style of teaching:)

  13. TwistedTim01 says:

    Same Tanglewood! :) 

  14. blackfender100 says:

    fantastic teaching Andy I have only been playing a year these are fantastic progressions for us not so experienced players.

  15. poob4633 says:

    it is hard! :( 

  16. rzult says:

    lol i cant do it, i know the clarification but if i holding it my fiddle with’s is bloking the other snares then it sounds crap =p

  17. Methvtain says:

    thankyou so much that helped me loads :) such a pulling power song :D 

  18. vivienne062 says:

    Helped me soooo much :) Thanks !

  19. arcadeb says:

    hey mate,thanks for the lesson,you helped me a lot…

  20. JakeAoTK says:

    I tend to like hearing the ups and downs sometimes. :P

  21. Rina2297 says:

    Hey…i´m a beginner and i like wonderwall! your tutorial was very helpful and i can play it very well, now! sry but my english isn´t so well :D but i have got a question! my guitar sounds a small bit weird sometimes…not so full like your guitar… sometimes i have my fingers not right on my guitar and then there is the weird sound : can you help me?? i don´t like this sound ….it sounds not excellent :( greetings from germany!!! and your video is very very very nice!!!! :)

  22. blueDominos says:

    very very helpful thanks :)

  23. SouthdownNo11 says:

    @nailguitar hi, i notice you dont have a capo, is it better to use one?? im not sure?

  24. TheAlexhogg says:

    Really useful I’m a beginner like quite a few of people and I would appreciate it if u helped us lurn other simple songs.cheers

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