WWE RAW 3/12/12 review: The “Rock Concert”, John Cena “Thuganomics” Rap, Shawn Michaels & Undertaker

WWE RAW 3/12/12 review: The Rock has a “Rock Concert”, John Cena raps to The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker face off, and more! Topics discussed in this video: John Cena’s “Thuganomics” rap on The Rock Shawn Michaels and Undertaker stand face to face in the ring Chris Jericho reveals that CM Punk’s father is an alcoholic The Rock plays guitar in a “Rock Concert”, and sings songs about John Cena By and large – 5/10 Rate and comment down below! Twitter: twitter.com Tags: “wwe raw 3/12/12″ wwe raw 3/12/12 review “the rock concert” “john cena rap” the rock concert john cena rap basic thuganomics “shawn michaels and undertaker segment” chris jericho cm punk alcoholic father wrestlemania 28 “wwe wrestlemania 28″ wrestling commentary zebracrunk


  1. achievment hunterfan says:

    the rock won and cena lost in song battle really amusing

  2. regularshowfan999 says:

    thumbs up if you reckon he only likes heel wrestlers

  3. qaiswais says:

    Pg killed the wwe, a dying sport at the moment, as soon as the legends go..no one will watch it.

  4. qaiswais says:

    @zebrapunk Dude how can you despise The Rock, the one who layed the foundations for future generations; Regardless of the result in WM28 it will not impact The Rocks image everything is scripted, if Rocky wanted to he could off killed off cena at
    portland, but he respects Vince and the buisness to much. I’ll say this no one will ever reach the tandem of the attitude era, the likes hhh, kury angle(best heel ever), austin, 316, y2j, Rocky, brothers of destruction, dx..the list is endless.

  5. zebracrunk says:

    It’s from a 20 poster magazine that came out in 2010, you sour puss. I don’t actively go out to the pile and buy Cena posters. Not that chanting “Boots To Asses” makes you worth anything.

  6. hank619uu says:

    when i saw cena’s poster on your wall i realized that you are another future 42 year ancient virgin.dislike

  7. LegoRock87 says:

    Cena rap was sweet excellent but after all the years of him being a a goodie two shoes the thug outlet … unbelievable IMO …..but wow i thought the rock when he was playing the guitar was genius but if he had have stoped after than and not nonstop on to sing we will rock u it would have been faultless.

  8. sawakadin says:

    lol this one of the best raw in recent years this deserves an 9/10 or 8/10
    1 EPIC promo of Y2j (entertaining)
    2 john cena came back with his None grating attention-grabber the Rapper (entertaining)
    3.Undertaker HBK and triple H promo (entertaining)
    4.Roc concert (amusing) (entertaining)
    5.CLEVELAND fans was a fantastic crowd very much bustling
    i cant see a downside of these RAW

    maybe you give this a 5/10 because they just show john cena for only 2 minutes?
    i smell a biased john cena fan here terrible review

  9. TKManUTD1989 says:

    sorry mate sent the comment to you by mistake.

  10. TH3xxL3G3ND says:

    what you mean ? i place rock over Cena and your effin crazy if you reckon Hogan is better than Cena. Im talking wrestling wise

  11. TKManUTD1989 says:

    are you high, cena higher than hogan and rock?

  12. TH3xxL3G3ND says:

    really thats where he was ranked in that 50 greatest superstars of al ltime DVD. i reckon Rock was 4 or 5.
    Yeah so far Cena’s greatest match hasnt really happend. But im sure it will be against the Rock.

  13. TH3xxL3G3ND says:

    Well Cena wrestling skills are limited but when he gets in huge time matches like this he knows what to do to win. I mean take a look at his matches with Punk and HBK. But Cena is my current pet superstar, nut my all time pet will be Stone Cold Steve Austin

  14. Voosh21 says:

    Top 15 Ehhhh. He honestly has by no means had like a fantastic feud that will ever be talked about for years to come or match for that matter. His best recent match was with Punk at MITB and thats really Punks moment. Cena just has not had a stand out feud or match in his career and thats the sad truth.

  15. Voosh21 says:

    I Respect Cena has a person but when it comes to Wrestling no. Hogan made Wrestling huge. Austin Saved it. Cena made it lame. That will be his legacy. I’m leave-taking it at that.

  16. TH3xxL3G3ND says:

    Cena deserves a top 15. higher than Hogan. Rock no doubt gets a top 5. Produce in his 7 yr career, he has done THAT MUCH to make him that huge and over.

  17. Voosh21 says:

    Where would you rank Cena number wise in a Top 100? Rock has had a way better 7 year WWE Career then Cenas 9 year Career which hasn’t been near as memorable for a guy whos supposed to be a top guy like Austin, Rock, Hogan, Michaels etc. Kids don’t like Rock they like Cena. I’m defending Rock produce thats the subject Im tiresome to stay on but you keep taking my context and examples on Cena and dragging them out.

  18. TH3xxL3G3ND says:

    all im saying you dont have to like Cena, but you gotta respect him. I just cant wait for WM 28. The match already is epic.

  19. Voosh21 says:

    So what should Rock do if he can’t come back and act like hes the best from another Era? Just say oh Hi Cena! Lemme bow down to you and kiss your ass? Rock has been owning Cena for the most part but I’ll give Cena his due produce he has got a few on The Rock in the past.

  20. TH3xxL3G3ND says:

    Produce its hard when you got a person who is soo tenacious about how he thinks he knows what a excellent superstar is when Rock only been in the WWE for 7 years while Cena is been for very nearly 9. And Cena has achieved more than Rock. And no im not a kiddy that is inlove with rock. i also like many other superstars as well. but your too busy defending Rock, seems your all over his Johnson

  21. Voosh21 says:

    Lol don’t try turn this around and say that I’m performing arts serious and I need to grow. Your the one who doesn’t realize its staged you really judge the clarification were real lol. You were the one to start commenting and disagreeing with me so I’m the one to end them produce you have brought nothing to the table.

  22. TH3xxL3G3ND says:

    dude its so ahead of schedule right now im not even thinking anymore. and yes im defending my pet superstar, just like you defend #team film it .. i mean #team bring it… i mean i dont see whats so fantastic about a superstar who thinks he is the best because he comes from a different Era that looks down on another Era or a certain superstar. In my opinon Rock has been getting owend since day one of this feud produce he cant show up like Cena can.

  23. Voosh21 says:

    Hes going to help Punk get over.

  24. Voosh21 says:

    You have brought no argument what so ever. I make a point to you, you just make an excuse and your defending Cena with all your life and you just wont accept that Cena needs help for his Promos while battling The Rock and Rock has obviously held back its not even opinion its fact we all know how fantastic Rocky is on the mic.

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