You Rock Guitar from Inspired Instruments finally arrived. Demonstration.

A excellent guitarist could show this off better than me, but you’ll get the thought, as I am only an amateur guitarist. I’ve had my share of digital guitars, but the You Rock Guitar is in a class by itself with “Touch Sensitive Strings”. It is very simple to play and also by no means needs tuning. Plug this baby into your full size guitar amp and you will be blown away by the sound. The You Rock Guitar is a digital guitar, full fledged MIDI, and game guitar. It’s quick, accurate and everyone who touches it says the same thing….it “feels” excellent to play. Maybe it looks like a toy, but it feels excellent to me too. Professionals who play it also say “It feels much better than I expected.” Part of that is the speed of the triggering, sliding, and articulation, some of that is the unique characteristic of the touch sensitive strings too. I am no professional guitarist, but I can make this thing sound sweet excellent with a small amp and one of the fantastic chord progressions built in. I can play by the side of with an Ipod, CD player or MP3 player’s songs, or even record my own track on the guitar to play back with. I can use it through a midi and even plug it into a small battery powered amp for fantastic fun and sounds anywhere. Inspired Instruments, Inc. introduced the You Rock Guitar, ahead of schedule this year, which lets anyone rock right out of the box. I ordered one back in February and finally got it. I am so glad to have it. It works seamlessly with Guitar Hero and Rock Band on Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 making a bet platforms


  1. petersumusic says:

    Hey Dave – I just bought a you rock guitar today, and came across your channel. You cover some really clean topics!

  2. BackwardsT says:

    I want to get one of these and use is as a controller for my MicroKorg.

  3. lumipatesensei says:

    @invaderzim1387 it does’n't need a tuner. it’s a digital guitar

  4. invaderzim1387 says:

    Wheres the tuner? It looks wierd

  5. jmarhan22 says:

    I really like the narrative by Tommy Chong.

  6. snakeweirdo says:

    Sounds horrible. 

  7. neilmacmusic says:

    Hey thanks Dave for such a fun and informative review on this contrivance!
    I have just bought one on the strength of your demo plus a few other ‘tubers!
    You have a fantastic voice – are you involved in radio at all? if not check out your community community station, you could have your own show!
    Thanks once again and and dont stop rockin’

  8. TheW4RP1G says:

    You kinda sound like Bill Murray and Chong combined.

  9. TheW4RP1G says:

    You kinda sound like Bill Murray

  10. joedml says:

    Nice tunes you were playing. Thanks for posting this. Now i want one.

  11. harmono says:

    i have a q chord but the stum pad is erratic

  12. Hotz777 says:

    Incredible You Rock Guitar™ Hotz Translator Software Demo by Jimmy Hotz = Super Musical Instrument ! It is currently the Main Featured Video on my Channel so just click the Hotz777 below to see it.

    Seriously – you need to Check this out!!!

  13. blahblahoww123 says:

    i force buy this and plug it in to the MIDI ports on my Fender G-DEC and record my synths that way, since i really don’t know how to play keys…

  14. danielortizdecaracas says:

    hi mr, excellent demostration, but poor web audio, this stuff is a instrument or toy, the sounds are incredible

  15. herveus says:

    First, thanks for the review. Your enthusiasm for the instrument was more helpful than anything. I have four questions:
    1. How does it do with fingerpicking? Excellent response?
    2. Does it plug and play directly into an amp or do you run it through a computer?
    3. How realistic are the various instruments? Does banjo really sound like a banjo?
    4. If you performed in public, would you use this instrument?


  16. ENDVash says:

    was it worth it?? it seems like a fantastic travel companion

  17. OdysseyCheerBadass says:

    Show it off devil dog!!

  18. mycattaughtmeguitar says:


  19. EliseuPinheiroLopes says:

    Olá, tem essa guitarra disponível no Brasil?

  20. EliseuPinheiroLopes says:

    Olá, tem isso disponível no Brasil?

  21. geiroffenberg says:

    touch sensitive strings, does that mean that tapping on the strings, it will also answer with different midi volume signals according to how hard one tap? or is it all one volume

  22. Phizogphoto says:

    An informative, tight yet relaxed video review; thank you for that (you rock!)

  23. slamdeli says:

    you should get a starr labs Ztar Theyare superior to this but a bit pricey

  24. Undercoverfire says:

    This has been one of the most complete and informative reviews of this synth instrument so far. Thanks for that. I reckon I force be buying one in the next couple of weeks.

  25. mrjuryjury says:

    @NightFlyyer can you combine sounds?

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