You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC – Guitar Lesson

Guitar lesson for “You Shook Me All Night Long,” by AC/DC. Includes: intro, verse, chorus. Check out my channel for more fantastic lessons! Please subscribe as new lessons are added all the time!


  1. macD723 says:

    just came across this. fantastic job and thank you. sounds real excellent, the best and bordering instruction i’ve found so far.

  2. tangypasta says:

    Do you know where the stains on ur fretboard come from? I have a maple fretboard and have a similar stain.

  3. ElPolloL0co1 says:

    How did you get the tuning, nobody around here will tell anything about it. I need to learn how to do the tuning part to get that perfect sound on those clarification.

  4. Curtbag1999 says:

    thnks ill subscribe and learn some new songs :D

  5. Anonmowy says:


  6. Anonmowy says:


  7. 95awesomenes says:

    Awsome, thanks for the lesson man! ;)

  8. RayboyRobin says:

    thanks, this video really helped me a lot:D

  9. TheMcDclan says:

    Hey man i get private guitar lessons and because im new he has placed the opening power chord with your pointer fiddle with over the 1st and 2nd strings on the 3rd fret. Im not saying your wronging, just wanted to give some new guitarists info on where else you can start

    P.S. This is one of the most detailed tutorials i have ever seen keep it up

  10. ZEPGZE says:

    Ever heard of a voice tutorial

  11. magicianandyoyoer says:

    Effective on a tab for this. :)

  12. rippmyass says:

    Hey, check out my cover of You Shook Me All Night Long at my channel and my other videos!:) Comment, rate and subscribe:D Thanks!

  13. shoegle says:

    thank you :) 

  14. hyperblizzard08 says:

    go on google and type in ultimate guitar…it’s a excellent guitar tab website but u r excellent as well i would recommend u to my friends..or friend coz not many of my friends play guitar

  15. NiftyTricksPS3 says:

    Teaches ever part of the song except the solo huh? Nice….

  16. highspeedgaz says:

    Fantastic demo , this takes time to teach and is a skill, I Iike it when he starts to speed up the tempo then you see his left leg kick in with the beat ,

  17. pkerskillz101 says:

    tuning? fantastic vide by the way:)

  18. pkerskillz101 says:


  19. MattCarverGuitar0003 says:


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  20. uhohsktskt says:

    @VodkaOliver Lesson #2 learn how to spell GUITAR if you’re gonna talk shit! btw, a small list of strat players: hendrix, srv, eric clapton, yngwie malmsteen, eric johnson…

  21. VodkaOliver says:

    Lesson N o 1 Buy yourself a Real guiter not those crappy fenders

  22. ajpthree says:

    thorough detail, fantastic job man! the beginners will like this; it’s free & really simple to see what you’re doing bc you slow it down so much

  23. IconicGuitarLessons says:

    @PASUGA48 Thanks! Check out my channel for more fantastic lessons!

  24. PASUGA48 says:

    Hey well done for really taking the time to slowly re – go over clarification and power chords. Excellent teaching man!

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